The healthier choice for all-purpose cooking oil


"High Oleic" means over 80% healthy Omega-9 monounsaturated fats!


100% sustainably grown from the finest quality high oleic sunflower seeds


Our versatile cooking oil is perfect for frying, roasting, marinating, baking and dressing!

Comparison of Dietary Fats
  • FLAVOIL HIGH OLEIC COOKING OIL — for versatile, healthy, long-lasting and sustainable cooking oil, add FlavOil to your kitchen cupboard! Cholesterol free and perfect for deep frying, roasting, marinating, baking and dressing! Suitable for vegans
  • WHAT IS HIGH OLEIC OIL? — “high oleic” refers to oil that is high in healthy monounsaturated fats. FlavOil is made from specially grown high oleic sunflower seeds and it is healthier than standard (mid oleic) sunflower oil!
  • THE HEALTHIER CHOICE — with 82% Omega-9 monounsaturated fats and just 8% unhealthy saturated fats, FlavOil is good for your heart as it helps lower cholesterol, whilst vitamins A, E and K promote healthy skin! A smoke point of 235°C preserves its nutrients at high temperatures
  • TASTE YOUR FOOD, NOT THE OIL — FlavOil high oleic oil features a subtle, neutral flavour that allows the flavours of your food to take centre stage, whether you’re making a roast dinner, fish and chips, curry or preparing salads and dips!
  • SUSTAINABLE & HIGH PERFORMANCE — our high oleic seeds are 100% sustainable so we can protect the natural habitat whilst producing a healthy, high-performance plant-based oil for all your cooking needs!
Chief's Word
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The only oil you will ever need x

Having bought this oil for its health benefits, I was delighted to discover how versatile it is. I used it to make sweet potato fries and with it not having a taste of it’s own, it really was a pleasure to have homemade fries that tasted as they should. Not greasy or oily tasting.

I also used it to marinate spiced chicken for the bbq, another winner. I made a salad dressing with balsamic vinegar, oleic oil, lemon etcetra and all the family commented it was the nicest I had made and the only change was using this instead of olive oil.

I will definitely be replacing all other oils now as this is the only one I need going forward. And the best part, it is healthier than the rest xxx

kelly black
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Great enjoying it

I was a bit worried about trying this because I normally stick to what I know. But I wanted to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually pleasant tasting not over powering or anything didn't leave that oily feeling after cooking with it. I didn't need to use much either when I've being cooking with it so bottle will last a while. Its a nice quality oil and great value. It gives a lighter taste to my food.

Tina Lavithi
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Amazed! Healthiest oil for everything!

I’m a young cook who is just learning the trade, my goal is to use fresh and healthy ingredients and experiment in the kitchen, one of main ingredients being the oil. I did a lot of research and to my surprise came across High Oleic Sunflower Oil, it’s not an ordinary sunflower I’m used to, chemical structure is completely different, high in monounsaturated fats, over 80% - BRILLIANT ever higher than olive oil IMAGINE THAT & low in saturated- GREAT! I’ve cooked and fried for several days and I’m delighted with its quality:

it almost has no smell, it’s tasteless and it doesn’t burn - that’s 5 star for me, as I would like to taste my seafood, meat or other ingredients I’m cooking and definitely not the oil. I’ve used it for my Greek salad as cold preparation - what can I say, very pleased. Will definitely buy this FLAVOIL brand.. btw - I liked the bottle too, easy to hold and pour out.

Mr. M. M. Abdo
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Great healthier alternative

I’m very concerned about what I eat and given the chance to try healthier option, I’m inclined to try it. For that reason we don’t use sunflower oil much. We opt for olive oil and rapeseed oil. But the flavour differs greatly, especially for fried eggs or chips. High Oleic sunflower is supposed to be healthier than regular sunflower oil and I decided to try it. Glad I did. In terms of flavour, I couldn’t really tell the difference. It tasted great with a fried egg. Cooked well. I would struggle to tell difference in regards to taste and cooking experience.

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Exceptionally Versatile

Originally thought it was a tad expensive but reading some of the reviews thought it worth a try. Boy am I glad I did. Works well with everything so far, no taste, no grease trail it’s brilliant. Used in frying and a little goes a long long way with no after taste. Used for roast potatoes and it was brilliant, cooks at very high heat even higher than olive oil in my opinion and the potatoes were not in the slightest oily. Also used as part of a salad dressing and worked brilliantly. Very versatile and turns out economica, as well as being better for you

Philip Stevenson
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I was a bit apprehensive about buying this product, the price was a little higher than what I'm usually used to paying for a product of this description, however I had heard great reviews from people at work and it was highly recommend. I can say I wasn't disappointed. Really really high quality sunflower oil, far superior to that which I have purchased in the supermarket previously. The quality really comes through in the taste. Ideal for cooking, frying and cold prep. It has a high heat tolerance and is made purely from plants so it's fine for vegans and vegetarians. Lovely stuff.

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Great tasting

Great cooking oil, no taste , no lingering smell either. Tastes very healthy as you theres hardly any trace of oil on your food. Happy to have expeller pressed oil. Pricey but better ( healthier) for my grandchildren in baked goods!! this is the best sunflower oil i have ever used..aromatic nutty flavor but not over powering...small bottle and a bit expensive but will continue to purchase,its that good!

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Great tasting oil and healthier too
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I was a bit nervous about receiving this in the post in case it had leaked but it arrived quickly and undamaged. I really like this oil as it smells a lot better than the oil I usually use. I used it for a stir fry and fajitas so far and it tastes great and nobody noticed it was different oil. I also used slightly less than I normally use so healthier and works out cheaper than the other brand I buy.


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Quality multipurpose oil that won't change the taste of your food.

I was really surprised by this oil. I was looking forward to the comfort of knowing I was using something so healthy for cooking from now on, but I was expecting there to be a trade-off in the form of the usual smell and taste of sunflower oil that makes everything smell of chip shops when you cook with it. I was so surprised though when I opened the bottle; no odour, it's almost scent-free! Better yet, I've tried cooking with it in various ways and it's not affected the taste of anything at all! I still can't quite believe that it's as healthy and as versatile as it is, which I suppose just goes to show that you get what you pay for.

If you want an oil that will never spoil your recipes, or just want to make sure you're using the healthiest oil you can buy then this is it. And if you really enjoy cooking and baking you should definitely have this oil in your cupboard.

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5.0 out of 5 stars The science is good, but does it work?

I was sceptical that this oil would be any different from the much cheaper oils on the shelf, oil is oil, right?

After reading the reviews and product description, I liked what I saw so decided to put it to the test.

It was amazing for stir fry, the consistency is thinner than other oils but it holds the heat so much better without burning and a little goes a long way. The stir fry was crisp and didnt have any flavour of oil, and with all that good science, my already healthy meal felt healthier.

Fried eggs, sausages, bacon etc brilliant, and they didnt land on the plate greasy, definitely felt healthier.

I would buy again, just as I do the healthier spreads, I can't see the science but substituting my regular oil with this one makes complete sense!

viki b
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Welcome to healthy (yes HEALTHY) great tasting frying!

When looking into OLEIC sunflower oil I discovered a lot of positive reasons to use it. Oleic means very high in mono-unsaturated fats (that is fats that are actually good for us). I also discovered that there have been studies that have shown including a high level of mono-unsaturated fats in our diet can reduce the number of LDL bad cholesterol and increase the number of HDL good cholesterol - a great discovery given I was recently told by my GP that my cholesterol is high!

I was still concerned about the price but when I also found out that this type of oil not only has a longer shelf life but also a longer cooking life - meaning you do not have to throw it out or change your oil as often as it doesn't break down anywhere as quickly as regular oil, not only making it safer to use but also saving on how regular you need to buy more.

With all this is mind, I was excited to give it a try...

What better way to jump in but to try deep fried fish and chips. I haven't done any deep fat frying for years and bought a deep fat frying pan, and even a digital food thermometer (so I could get the oil to the right 160° temperature) just I could get it right and my review wouldn't be based on poor cooking technique!

The result. The batter on the fish was wonderfully crispy and although retained some oil upon removing from the pan when sat on kitchen roll and then plated did not look or taste greasy. The same was for the chips which left very little oil residue on the kitchen roll and were nicely crisp. Myself and my mum both agreed that our fish and chips was great as it reminded us of going to the chippy but wasn't greasy and had a fresh crisp flavour. The kitchen didn't stink of hot fat either!

Conclusion. I never thought it would ever be possible to have a fry-up and for it to be good for you. Turns out I was wrong.

Do your own research into OLEIC high mono-unsaturates and come back and buy this stuff!

I'm planning on a second purchase so I have some for using in the wok and frying pan...

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Pete Will
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You get what you pay for and you get a good oil here

I would normally buy my oil from a supermarket and like my coffee I do like to spend a little more to get something that tastes that bit better and tend to go for Olive oil over sunflower oil because of that.

This was recommended to ke by a friend so I thought I'd try it and I am very surprised at how good it is over normal sunflower.

I've cooked a few things with it now and during each meal I've not encountered that sickly oil smell you get with normal sunflower oil and you cant taste the oil on your food at all.

Yes there may be cheaper oils on the shelf in supermarkets BUT as with most things, you get what you pay for and per meal your talking, maybe an extra 10p which is nothing.

The bottle also ships in its own plastic bag which is handy if it was to become damaged by the courier. I'm delighted to say mine was in perfect condition though.

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